Top 10 Veggies Sell Best at Farmers Market

Looking to sell some vegetables at a local farmers market? You need the best farm produce to enjoy the best sales. So, what are some of the best veggies to sell at a farmers market?

Growing your own vegetables is quite satisfying. You’ll be saving money on vegetable expenditure while also having more to sell. But you need to know the top vegetables that sell.

In the post, I’ll discuss 10 top veggies that sell best at farmers markets. Continue reading below.


Tomatoes should be on the top of your list of the veggies to sell at a farmers market. Tomatoes are high-selling fruits and one to seriously consider growing. If you’re looking to make a kill, ensure you sell high-quality tomatoes.

You want to make sure the tomatoes have no blemishes, or the skin is not wrinkled.

Secondly, you need to display the tomatoes the right way. Choose tomato displays that attract customers to your stall. You can also offer them free salsa recipes and preserves.

You also want to make sure the tomatoes are well-packaged and meet customer needs.

Read here for common problems when growing tomatoes.


Potatoes are also great and sell pretty well at farmers markets. They are usually sold by the pound. However, small potatoes can be sold in berry containers.

You need to harvest your potatoes the right way.  Fork them out and brush away the dirt, but don’t clean them. When stored properly, potatoes can last for months giving you enough time to sell.


You want to make sure you have some pumpkins for at the farmers market. They are a favorite and work pretty well. Pumpkins are igly preferred for home processing and ornamental use.

After all, pumpkins are inexpensive and easy to grow. You can be sure of making a kill at a farmers market. But they do take a lot of space and require sun exposure most of the year.

Make sure you harvest them the right way, cutting them off the vine. Use sharp shears or knives that will not tear the pumpkin.

Sweet corn

Sweet corn is full of sugar and sells pretty well at a farmer’s market. Harvest the corn by pulling ripe ears from the stalk. Rip the excess stem and pack them in a cool container.

Keeping the corn under cool temperatures helps maintain the freshness of the containers. At a farmer’s market, you can also bring an ice-cooler to temporarily store the corn.

Lastly, you want to make sure you pick your corn a day before the market day. This helps retain sweetness when they are being sold.


Microgreens are becoming a favorite and a must have at a farmers market. These veggies are popular because of the nutrients and extra flavor they add to the food.

Young microgreen seedlings are quite easy to grow and fetch good amounts at the market. I consider them the best veggies to sell at a farmers market because they are expensive.

Apart from fetching you some money, microgreens can grow you a reputation at the farmers market.


We can never have a farmer’s market without onions. Onions are used in almost all dishes. They add the savory taste and every customer at a farmer’s market will be getting some onions.

Onions are ever in demand and should never miss on your list of best veggies to sell.

What’s more, onions have a pretty long shell life. You don’t have to worry about onions going bad as they can last up to six months on the shelves.


Basil is another excellent veggie that compliments most dishes. It’s a best-selling veggie at a farmers market and one to consider growing. Most customers want fresh basil.

You need to harvest your basil and sell it fresh. That means proper storage and packaging. Selling basil with a few local ingredients also works pretty well.


Broccoli is pretty rich in minerals and vitamins. It’s a favorite at a farmers market and one to seriously consider growing. Broccoli is pretty easy to grow.

The only challenge is retaining the freshness at a farmers market. You need to plan your harvest and sell right away.

Create the best displays and ensure customers have great access. You want your broccoli to sell pretty fast while they are still fresh.


Cucumber are pretty rich in natural nutrients and sell well at a farmers market. You can sell your cucumbers by weight to make more sales. Additionally, consider selling cucumbers alongside cucumber recipes.

They are a favorite and low in calories. Cucumbers contain a lot of  soluble fiber and water.


We cannot end our best veggies to sell at a farmers market without listing lettuce. Lettuces are among the best-selling veggies. Make sure you display them in a unique way that represents a bounty harvest.

Try and create an appearance of an overflowing basket. Fill them in the basket without causing damage to the leaves.

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