Who are Oh-Kimchi?

Oh-Kimchi is Oh-Mazing!

What even is Kimchi? Sounds sort of like an Asian crime-fighting cartoon character or an ancient yoga form. Oh, or the Korean word for mouse.

Well I was close, but not close enough.

Kimchi is actually a 300+ year-old foodie art form. It’s a Korean technique of fermenting vegetables that can take up to three days. It’s a subtle sort of spice. Not too much bite. Traditionally napa cabbage, carrot, and radish is the go-to mix for the process, but you can use any raw vegetable. Oh-Kimchi has a popular cucumber version and coming soon is bell pepper Kimchi. I CAN’T WAIT.

If you already knew all that stuff about Kimchi, let me explain what sets Oh-Kimchi apart. First off, their particular version of the process is super old school. Old school in the 1970s corvette sort of way; not the Mom’s shoulder pads sort of way. The technique used by Oh-Kimchi is rare, even in its Korean birthplace because many families have turned to faster methods.

But you know the best things require time. And good things come to those who wait.

And I’m telling you Kimchi is goooood. Beyond the taste, too, it’s one of the healthiest foods on this planet.

Yeah. I know you guys think I’m being dramatic. But I’m not! Google away if you must!

First off, you get all the basic goodness that comes from eating raw vegetables (but with none of the bitter taste). Then, you get four times as many probiotics than Greek yogurt has. Not to mention the detoxification and cancer-fighting properties of ginger and garlic. Oh, and the keratin is a natural pain reliever as well as the queen of healthy hair and skin. Many Korean athletes even eat it as part of their daily post-workout recovery.

So, basically, Kimchi is kicking ass and taking names. It definitely falls into the super food category. Your body will kindly thank you if you make Kimchi part of your regular diet. Some of the most common ways people use their Kimchi include: on burgers, salads, tacos, or my favorite, Kimchi-ladas. Nom nom nom.

So who are the people actually making this super food for the people of Austin? That would be Abbie and Duane Lunde.

Abbie is from LA but moved to Austin four years ago, partially to finish her degree and partially for her now husband, Duane. She worked for Johnson’s Backyard Garden for a while and can definitely be described as a health foodie. Abbie says that she thought all Korean families knew how to make Kimchi, and was surprised to find how many families lose touch with their Korean culture after moving to the states. Thankfully for us, the method Oh-Kimchi uses survived because of generations of mothers teaching their daughters. Abbie told me she wanted some good Kimchi and couldn’t find any half as decent as her mother and grandmother made. So – what else was there to do but start making her own, too!

Duane’s marketing and management expertise paired with Abbie’s passion for Korean cuisine led to weekly sell-outs at their first farmer’s markets. Eventually, Abbie and Duane are hoping to spread not only the healthy and delicious snack that is Kimchi, but other traditional Korean recipes as well. They want to show people the best parts of Korean cuisine, a food culture many of us know little about.

So if you want to try Kimchi out for yourself, come to the HOPE Farmer’s Market every Sunday and get yourself some cancer-fighting, immune-boosting, heart-strengthening Kimchi! Or if you want more info, see the links below:

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