Update: The HOPE Farm Stand’s New Wheels


History of the HOPE Farm Stand

The HOPE Farmers Market is Austin’s longest runningmarket on the East Side and was the first Sunday market in Austin. We started almost four years ago when many local farmers didn’t have the production levels or resources to come to a second market, especially on a Sunday. The HOPE Farm Stand, a stand alone produce stall at the market, was started to bring in a wider variety of produce to meet customer demand and support small producers that didn’t have the resources to take on a second market. In 2013 we modified to model to additionally source from regional producers, backyard gardens and community gardens. Through these relationships we have been able to support our hyper-local and regional agriculture systems while supplying east side consumers with asparagus, avocados, apples, limes, nopales, flor de calabaza, and peaches!


The Latest: The HOPE Farm Stand’s New Wheels! 

This year the HOPE Farm Stand will go mobile on the East Side with “Lizzie,” our bike powered mobile produce cart.  Designed by Clay Odom of Studio Modo and built by Christian Klein of Drophouse Designs the mobile farm cart is will transport farm fresh produce in a attractive, practical and sustainable way.”Lizzie”, named after HOPE FM’s former Development Director Lizzie Garret who initiated the project, has moved from the design phase to fabrication (see photos) and will be hitting the street before you know it! We will pop-up at schools, libraries, events, thrift stores and clinics to offer the freshest produce possible where ever it is needed.

Thanks to our incredible friends at In.gredientsWindmill Bicycles and East Side Compost Peddallers “Lizzie” has new wheels. With help from Hop & Grain Brewery and Sons of Fathers the “Boys Bikini Bike Wash” Happy Hour really put the FUN in fundraiser! Check out pictures on In.gredients’ blog.

Support the HOPE Farm Stand! 

Interested in supporting the HOPE Farm Stands quest to go mobile on the East Side? We’ve raised about $3,300 of the estimated $5,000 we will need to get “Lizzie” rolling so any donations, large or small, are appreciated!

Click here to make a tax deductible donation via paypal!

Would you like the HOPE Farm Stand to come to you at your business or event?

Email: farmstand@hopefarmersmarket.org