The Healthiest Hounds in ATX

Meet Healthy Hound: Because Markets are for Dogs, too!

Did you know there are more dogs per capita in Austin, than kids? Crazy right! Well maybe not so much… Pups don’t ask you to pay their tuition. They can’t kick and scream in the middle of the grocery aisle. Even during the canine teen years, standard rate of forgiveness is usually about every 5 seconds. Dogs always like our jokes and think all our ideas are awesome – especially ones that involve activities such as eating, sleeping, and walking. So yeah, Austinites love their pups because who doesn’t!

This article is for you, Austin dog owners. I’d like you to meet Healthy Hound: A local kitchen handcrafting all natural and organic, vitamin-rich food for your favorite four-legged friend.

In 2011, co-owner Katherine started to cook food for her greyhound, who was suffering from severe intestinal problems. She couldn’t find the quality of food that she knew her dog needed. And being the awesome human being that she is, took matters into her own hands. After seeing the positive results a change in diet had in her own dog’s life, she knew she’d found a business she could be passionate about.

Healthy Hound is all Austin, all the time. Ingredients are sourced locally, totally natural, with no preservatives, extenders, or additives. They’re on a mission to make your pet healthier. So many store bought brands, even brands suggested by the vet, contain massive amounts of corn and other food-life extenders, which ironically could shorten the life of your pet. These preservatives can be hard to digest and can strain your dog’s system. Most people don’t even realize this, I definitely didn’t, but it makes sense. I mean you are what you eat, right? Why wouldn’t that apply to dogs too? I visited the Healthy Hound kitchen, and for real y’all, it was like they were cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Everything is super fresh. Not going to lie, for a minute there I considered a batch for myself.

Healthy Hound has been a part of the HOPE Farmer’s Market since its business began. Katherine says she likes how “hyper-local” it is. It lets her converse with people and hear their stories. “You also, start to get to know people, because there are so many usual market goers.” The joint focus on local nutrition makes the market a perfect fit. Not to mention, the dogs love it. The smart ones have figured out that if they are stubborn enough, their parents will end up getting them a treat. One time, they even had a little Pomeranian swimming around in their water bowl!

We all want the very best for our dogs, so if you’d like to learn more about Healthy Hound products. Check out their links below, or just come by the HOPE Farmer’s Market any Sunday from 11:00 – 3:00 at Plaza Saltillo!

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I’m Brooke, the author of the blog you’ve just read. Working with the HOPE Farmer’s Market has been so great, but unfortunately I will have to leave HOPE to finish my last semester at Baylor University this fall. I will graduate with a major in political science and a minor in poverty studies and social justice. When I’m not blogging, my days are full of studying for the GRE and applications. I know I’m super exciting this summer, right? But every blog, I’ll let you guys know something a bit more interesting about myself and this week’s fact is:

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