The Blackwells are Back!

Six months after I moved to Austin, I met The Blackwells.

It was a warm summer night in the Hill Country and my first BBQ in Texas. Surrounded by new friends, smoked bbq and a few lone stars, I quickly fell in love with the whole sherade. Although I’ve repeated nights like this since, this time in particular I was surrounded by something new: homemade Caronlina-meets-Texas bluegrass.

With two guitars strumming, a banjo pluckin and vocal harmonies to boot, I was instantly captured by this simple, yet beautiful moment. I’ve had friends pick up instruments and jam here and there, but this spontaneous, yet coordinated sound had me at their first note. Not yet realizing they were actually forming a band, I approached the soft singer of the evening, Lizzy Lehman, and asked if she’s played around town. It turns out that after moving from North Carolina and Chicago to Austin, the new group was just getting their feet under them and were soon ready for a performance (insert the aha! light-bulb moment here).

After our bellies were full and the curtain of night drew the bbq to an end, I took note that I had to hear what I learned was the Blackwells, soon down the road. Just one month later, I asked them to share their hill country spirit and play for the HOPE Farmers Market’s music program, HOPE FM Live. And they said yes! We’ve been happy to host them many times since and are thankful they keep coming back for more local produce, fair-trade coffee and our community of music lovers.

Get your hats, bring your dog and mark yer calender folks because The Blackwells are bringing their magic to the stage of Plaza Saltillo this Sunday! It’ll be their first time in our new location, so come on out to give them the warm welcome they deserve. See you there!

–Jessie, HOPE FM Live

The Blackwells for HOPE FM Live

1 pm at Plaza Saltillo

Sunday, April 7