What Bands Say

“The foot traffic stops and actually listens to our music. They care about local things, local produce, local bands – thats the kind of people that come to the HOPE Farmers Market and thats the kind of people we want listening to our music.” – Hello Caller, HOPE FM Live band

“There is a lot of good networking – every time we play there we meet another musician, artist or photographer, it seems like we always meet new people that help connect us to the art community at large, creative folks are just drawn to it.” – The Blackwells, HOPE FM Live band photo by Scott David Gordon

What You Say

“Seriously my favorite place in town at the moment. Nothing feels better than waking up early on Sunday to head out to the farmers market.” – Steve, Austin

“Awesome! I was just visiting my sister and she took me to the farmers market – I was blown away. You have something really special going on there. I’m living in the Hudson Valley of NY where markets are a dime a dozen and I have to say it was really refreshing and inspiring to walk through this one. Thanks for a delightful Sunday morning!” – Toni, New York photo by Jessica Warren

What Vendors Say

“In all honesty, if it weren’t for HOPE Farmers Market I probably would have never started my business. I immediately had support and help from everybody and it made it very comfortable and easy to start. I’m really a shy person and finding that community that supported me made it easier and fun to sell my product. HOPE FM made me feel like I was going down the right path and ready to do other markets.” – Pate Letelier, local vendor

“The HOPE Farmers Market has been incredibly instrumental to the success of this organization. I have made such wonderful connections there and it’s been a great way to build my community.” – Tender Heart Foundation, local nonprofit photo by Blair Bogin