We’re on the Road!

We’ve got news. The Mobile Farm Stand is getting its finishing touches this week & is ready for its debut!

Although we still have a few things to figure out along the way like weekly routes, sourcing and what kind of wind chime to attach (seriously!), we got an invitation we couldn’t pass up so we’re taking it out on the road tomorrow! Find us popped-up at Kealing Middle School’s Spring Picnic this Saturday, May 13 and see the Mobile Farm Stand for yourself among the Picnic’s potluck, chef demos & community quilt. We’ll be there from 10am-3pm so come say hello! Find Kealing Middle School at 1607 Pennsylvania Drive.

And if you’d like more background on why we started the project and how it got built, be sure to check this great article, “HOPE Rolls Out Bike-Powered Farm Stand” by the Austin Chronicle.

CONTACT: Have interest in hosting the stand or a recurring pop-up market? Talk to us: mobilefarmstand@hopefarmersmarket.org 

Today’s The Day!

We’ve all been waiting for this day.

Starting at 6pm tonight, we’re officially taking donating to fund our Mobile Farm Stand! We’ll have just 24 hours to make it happen, so every little bit helps. Here’s how:

1) Give

Donate to HOPE FM!

Click HERE to land on our donation page. Any amount is a huge help towards funding our Mobile Farm Stand. Your donation is also tax-deductible & just feels really good!

2) Brag

Spread the word!

Tell em all how you supported us. Find @hopemarketatx to include us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

3) Celebrate!

Happy Hour on us!

Join us this Friday at Center 61, from 4pm-6pm, for for free beer, food and lots of great company with the folks behind 20+ local nonprofits. Help us ring in our donations these last 2 hours of Amplify Austin!

Time to Mobilize: Amplify HOPE FM!

Few times in the year do we round up our market fans, followers & supporters. But spring has sprung and it’s time to Amplify!

This month, we’ll again be participating in Austin’s largest nonprofit fundraising program: Amplify Austin. Acting as a 24-hour “festival of giving”, the program challenges the community to donate to their favorite non-profits, providing the chance for Austinites to give together. Last year, over 300 local nonprofits felt Austin’s giving power when $2.8 million dollars was collectively raised!

Lets see what we can do this year, together. We encourage you to read up about our funding goals on our donation page and stay tuned for our updates on HOPE FM projects that need your support.

Whatever the reason, we hope you’ll consider choosing HOPE Farmers Market! Here’s a few ways you can help us get started:

  • Schedule a donation. This year you can  support us early & secure your donation ahead! Simple & sure.
  • Mark your calendar. Join us for a donation celebration on March 21! Hosted by Center 61 with free drinks.
  • Spread the news. Share our page with friends & family. Every little bit helps & is appreciated, big-time!

24 hours of giving is just around the corner!

 So find our Amplify Page and get ready.

Here are some great images of the most recent Mobile Farm Stand design! Studio MODO has been working hard on refining the design concept and figuring out materials and logistics. Next steps: more work with local bike engineers who can help get this thing built!

And… funding! Thanks to the HOPE Likes Bikes Happy Hour last fall, we got the ball rolling on fundraising. The Studio MODO design team is generously donating their skills, and we’re looking for some material donations as well… but to make this thing last, it won’t be cheap! We expect that including fabrication and materials, it will cost about $5,000 to get the Mobile Farm Stand up and running.

Can You Help?
If you want to get involved, please consider sponsoring the project, making a tax-deductible donation, or saving your money until March 4-5 and supporting us all at once on Amplify Austin Day!

PopUP Farm Stand… Unfolding HOPE!

If you missed our HOPE Likes Bikes Happy Hour celebration last weekend, then you missed the big announcement… we chose StudioMODO as the winner of the AIA Design Voice charrette and design competition!

As you can probably tell from the designs we highlighted last time, it was a hard choice. All of the teams put a lot of effort into their submissions, and we liked each of them for different reasons. However, we think StudioMODO’s “Unfolding HOPE” concept is best aligned with the Farm Stand project’s needs, and it’s hard to argue with the fact that it’s pretty awesome…



So, we’re already moving forward! We met with Clay Odom and Adam Owens yesterday to go over what we like and what we want to tweak, with lots of great ideas emerging about materials, logistics, and potential collaborations.

The HOPE Likes Bikes Happy Hour was also a huge success in building awareness about the project, developing relationships with bike and food enthusiasts, and raising some much needed project funding. Plus it was a lot of fun… so we’ll be sure to do more in 2013.

Stay tuned about future events, and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as the design progresses! You can also keep up with Clay on twitter as StudioMODO works on this project…

HOPE Likes Bikes, yes we do!

Over the years, we have had all sorts of bicycle-friendly programming at the HOPE Farmers Market. Occasional DIY workshops offered by local bike shops developed into our own in-house HOPE Likes Bikes program. Intended to raise cycling awareness, encourage all to bike more often, and empower Austinites to take bicycle maintenance into their own hands, HOPE Likes Bikes launched as a weekly community bike shop at the Market.

In recent months, we’re excited to have developed partnerships with great local bike-friendly organizations and businesses, including Bike Austin and the East Side Compost Pedallers. In addition, we’re expanding our own bike programming to include a bicycle-powered PopUP Mobile Farm Stand. So now, HOPE Likes Bikes will serve as a vehicle to promote ALL of our bicycle-friendly partners and projects and well as to raise cycling awareness through the Market and around East Austin. Keep up with HLB on Facebook or swing by the East End of the market to park your bike and talk to the experts!


HOPE Likes Bikes Partners and Projects…

HOPE PopUP Mobile Farm Stand
The HOPE Farm Stand is going mobile! We have big plans to expand our community outreach initiatives in 2013 including this project – designed to take local produce out into East Austin and increase accessibility to healthy food. We’re currently in the process of designing a bicycle-powered mobile farm cart in collaboration with the AIA Design Voice.

Keep up with the design progress here >>

Bike Austin
Bike Austin (formerly LOBV) is a nonprofit advocacy organization promoting better transportation policy decisions, justice for bicyclists, and more resources to increase the number of bicyclists in the Austin area. Now partnering with the HOPE FM, Bike Austin has taken over our community bike shop at the Market. They have the tools and know how to help you learn to fix your own bike and safely bike around town!

East Side Compost Pedallers
The Pedallers offer an intensely local, completely bike-powered compost collection program dedicated to enriching the Austin community. They collect compostables from homes & businesses and give them directly to urban farmers to help grow more local food. Right now, the Pedallers pedal our market compost directly to Springdale Farm every Sunday!


Get Involved: This Saturday is our first HOPE Likes Bikes Happy Hour at the Market! 

Join HOPE FM and the East Side Compost Pedallers for our first HOPE Likes Bikes Happy Hour – immediately following Edible Austin’s Urban Farm Bicycle Tour on Saturday, December 1. Enjoy a beer & live music and learn more about how much HOPE really does Like Bikes!

HOPE PopUP Mobile Farm Stand: We’ll be announcing the AIA Design Voice design charrette winner and talking more about how this project will be moving forward in coming months.

$10 buys you a HOPE pint glass and free Hops & Grain refills! Live music by Navasota String Band at 3pm!

HOPE Likes Bikes Happy Hour
Saturday, Dec 1. 3-5pm
Pine Street Station: 414 Waller St.

This is a FREE and family friendly event!

PopUp Farm Stand: The Designers

As promised in our last post about the PopUP Farm Stand Design Competition… it’s time for us to highlight the designers. After the big design charrette/competition day, each team had about 2 weeks to take the feedback they received, develop their designs, compile them onto 2’x3′ boards, and submit to be displayed in the HOPE Gallery.

It’s obvious to us that each team took a lot of time on this and the development is astounding! In no particular order, here’s what they submitted… each of these boards have also been printed and are on display right now in the HOPE Gallery!


1. Team Thinking Booth, led by Adam Gates.


2. Spence Kellum & Sean Lyon.

Bonus Points for this team! In addition to putting together their board, they have also been around the Market for the past few weeks working on bamboo and willow prototypes…


3. Clay Odom, Sean O’Neill, and Adam Owens.



“So… what’s next?”

Funny you should ask! All are welcome to join us on Saturday, December 1 for a HOPE Likes Bikes Happy Hour featuring these designs and other bike-friendly market programs and partners. We’ll be getting YOUR feedback on the designs and announcing our plans to move forward with the lucky and talented winning team!


HOPE Likes Bikes Happy Hour

Saturday, Dec 1 3-5pm (after Edible Austin’s Urban Farm Bicycle Tour)
Pine Street Station: 414 Waller St.

More details >>


Special thanks to:
Clay Odom, Sean O’Neill, Adam Owens, Spence Kellum, Sean Lyon, Adam Gates & the other designers who competed in the original charrette.

Catherine French, Ellen Hunt, Beau Frail & James Foster of the AIA Design Voice

Steve Ross, Wilson Hack, Tejas Kulkarni, Stephanie Dona, Adam O’Sullivan & Kathryn Zeringue of UT’s AREA-ER course

PopUP Farm Stand: Design Competition

One of the things we love most at HOPE Farmers Market is the opportunity to collaborate with local architects. This connection is part of what sets us apart from many other markets – as we’re constantly designing a better way for people to interact with each other, local farmers, artisans, musicians and artists. Every year, we work with the UT School of Architecture and other organizations to encourage accessible design on a community level.

One of the ever-evolving projects is our dream of a PopUP Farm Stand – a way to mobilize the HOPE Farmers Market, taking a piece of it out into the community. We teamed up with the UT Professor Steve Ross’s AREA-ER class this past spring, led by Wilson Hack, a graduate student from the School of Architecture. The students designed and built the initial prototype of this concept – a bicycle-powered farm cart – all with no budget and lots of sweat & time! The result is fantastic:


For Phase II of this process, we collaborated with AIA Design Voice to organize an open design charrette at the Market to get more community members involved. Teams of designers and engineers donated their Sunday afternoon to develop unique concepts for a bicycle powered PopUP Farm Stand, according to the following guidelines:


Designers were invited to explore the market, talking to vendors and bike experts from Bike Austin and the East Side Compost Pedallers. Then they retreated to their drawing boards – hand-sketching, diagramming and model-making (using everything from pipe cleaners to high-tech computer programs). After hours of intense designing and brainstorming, the teams came up with 4 concepts – each completely unique and compelling for different reasons.


Finally, everyone put down their pens and pinned up the results: presenting their ideas to the group and receiving feedback and suggestions from a “jury” consisting of an architect, a bike enthusiast and a HOPE vendor.


At the end of the day, everyone went home with two weeks to develop their designs and ideas and to put together a presentation board for printing. The boards will be displayed in the HOPE Gallery throughout E.A.S.T and into December, when the HOPE FM staff will narrow it down and focus on one winning design.

Come by this Sunday to see how the designs developed and VOTE for your favorite one! Then stay tuned for updates about this project… scheduled to be designed, built and implemented in 2013!

Special thanks to:
Catherine French, Ellen Hunt, Beau Frail & James Foster of the AIA Design Voice

Steve Ross, Wilson Hack, Tejas Kulkarni, Stephanie Dona, Adam O’Sullivan & Kathryn Zeringue of AREA-ER
and all of the charrette participants – who will be individually highlighted in the next post!