SXSW: Listen Local

It’s a big week ahead. Eager tourists will be marching through the streets, live music will be traveling through every city block and you will most likely find yourself waiting in line, in traffic or just waiting for the week to end.

Regardless of how you take this week we trust you’re going to need a chance to relax, which is why we’re hosting a special Sunday Southby Showcase. It’ll be a day of grabbing brunch, watching tourists leave and relaxing to the sounds of great local music.


 We’ll have 3 sweet sets and invite you, your friends & your family to our special FREE showcase:

11am: The Parish Festival (Austin band! mix of folk, jazz & bluegrass)

12pm: DJ Chino Casino (Austin DJ! all sorts of throwback tunes)

2pm: Mother Falcon (Austin band! instrumental collective magic)


Our HOPE FM Vendors will be present as always, giving you the chance to support local during the ever-increasing invasion of SXSW. Stay tuned for market news, updates & photos on our pages via Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

Find us everywhere: @hopemarketatx + #hopefarmersmarket

Spring Fever: Market Updates & News

My, how time has flown! Although we’ve been in a bit of hibernation this winter on our blog, we’re excited to share what has kept us busy these last few months and share new updates, just in time for spring!

Late last fall, we helped sendoff our previous Market Director, Alexa Senter, as she moved onto new culinary adventures in the Northeast. Word is her and her husband have recently started a Community Supported Bakery! Be sure to take a peek at their Instagram, @thebakelab, to follow their story in Vermont and all things farm-fresh.

Along with this transition last fall came a new Director for the HOPE Farmers Market! That’d be me. After first volunteering for the market in the Fall of 2011, I’ve gradually and happily become more and more involved with HOPE FM and its incredible community. Working with the Market for the last two and a half years, it’s likely we’re already familiar with each other!

While I previously focused on event programming and developing our HOPE FM Live music program, as Director, I’m excited to put new energy into community partnerships, business incubation and the endless collaborative possibilities we have in store.

Just take a look at what’s coming down the pipeline for this spring!

  • March 16 – Unofficial SXSW Showcase with Cilantro Boombox & Mother Falcon @ Market
  • March 21 Amplify Austin Fundraising Celebration @ Center 61
  • April 6 – Texas 4000 Benefit: HOPE Day @ Market
  • April 27 – Old Time Square Dance @ Market
  • May 4 – Sister-City Celebration: Saltillo Day @ Market!

For news on the daily, find us on FacebookInstagram & Twitter: @hopemarketatx

–Jessie, Market Director

HOPE FM Live Compilation Album: Volume 1

Do you know what goes great with fresh local food?

Fresh, local music! 

The HOPE FM Live Volume 1 Album is out and ready to be heard! With songs donated by The MadisonsCause In EffectThe ChorderoysWhiskey ShiversThe Carper FamilySour BridgesThe State and Lizzy Lehman this album lets you take a little bit of HOPE FM home with you for only $8!

Proceeds from the sale of this album support the HOPE FM Live program which brings fantastic free, live music to the market every Sunday!


@ the HOPE Campaign Booth every Sunday!


and now on itunes!

Each HOPE FM Live Volume 1 download card is printed on plantable seed paper

What is community? Is it helping your neighbor? Supporting your local farmer? Buying an album from your favorite local band? Or is just a fuzzy feeling?

At the HOPE Farmers Market, we believe community is the intersection of all these things. From food to music to art, from families to youngsters, from Mariachi to Folk-Indie, from farmers to bakers, from East Austin to West Austin, community has no limits.

With no limits, this means there is always room to grow. Forging new collaborations, new friends and new ideas around every corner, it’s clear Austin is the perfect place to watch these new roots grow. We’ve been thankful to see so many of these unique intersections at the HOPE Farmers Market, and it happens each Sunday! When Johnson’s Backyard Garden donates seasonal produce to Whiskey Shivers, or to The Blackwells, or to any of our loyal bands who play for the HOPE FM Live music series, we see magic happen. We watch band members divide up their produce “compensation”, and they begin to interact in ways they never have before: revealing their preferences on beets vs. eggplant, fighting over who gets the watermelon, or admitting aloud they’ve never seen an armenian cucumber. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

If we at the HOPE Farmers Market can provide the opportunity to help plant these seeds each week, then we’ll all be happy campers for generations to come. However, we can’t do it alone, and that’s the beauty of community! It takes a village, and with each single effort, we are all strengthened. So let’s continue this community together, every Sunday on the corner of East 5th & Comal.


Video by the talented Blair Bogin.

Veggies & Vinyl, your new guilty pleasure

You might be the type that frequents the market from time to time, looking for what’s new in season, checking out the pretty people of Austin or just trying to find a playdate for your lonesome dog. Whatever the case, we’re bringing a new music program to the market that will not only breathe unrelenting action into your life every third Sunday of the month but have you drooling for more.

At last, a little used vinyl sanctuary. Starting this Sunday (and every third Sunday of the month) we’ll be hosting this new music program, Veggies & Vinyl, as a way the community to buy, sell or trade used vinyl. We’ve got a great collection so far but are anxious to see to what our cultured Austinites will bring. Read below for our simple guidelines, invite your friends & see you there!

Veggies & Vinyl | 11am-3pm | Every third Sunday of the month

Buy | Grab a record for a $10 donation or grab two for $15

Sell | Donate one vinyl & receive a pair of HOPE sunglasses

Trade | Exchange three records of yours for one of ours


HOPE FM Live: June Calendar

Summer is here, along with the heat, fire ants, and sunburned shoulders. But not to fear, we have a small cure to get you through the first official month of summer: live music!

Grab some Hibiscus Mint Tea from Nile Valley, find some shade (we’re getting umbrellas soon!), sit back and enjoy the best of what Austin has to offer. Live music will be your cherry on top for what looks to be a great summer ahead. Take a look at our June Calendar to get a glimpse of who’s playing this month & join us at Plaza Saltillo!

This Sunday, check out:

Four Fights Per Pint for HOPE FM Live

1:30 pm at Plaza Saltillo

Sunday, June 9

ATX Music presents: HOPEFM Live! First Sundays

The start of something beautiful usually starts with one thing: collaboration.

As we all strive for our own objectives, we often look around and realize we are not alone. Individuals by themselves may achieve goals, but it’s collaboration that breeds community. The HOPE Farmers Market was born on this principle and continues to see its effects as vendors, musicians and market-goers cross-pollinate each Sunday.

This exact sentiment explains why we’re so very excited to launch a new program with the City of Austin Music Division, HOPE FM Live! First Sundays. Through their devoted mission to enhance Austin’s cultural economy, they aim to support this development by connecting members of the Austin music community through a variety of programs and promotional efforts, such as the Austin Music Memorial, Music for Kids, MusicianCorps Austin, and their most recent initiative: Plaza Saltillo.

With our own story hailing from East 5th, transitioning from Pine Street Station on Waller to Plaza Saltillo on Comal, we too have seen the magic of bringing community into unexpected places. Through food, through art and of course through music, we are able to breathe life into these spaces and restore their original intent to pull us all together. With this mission in mind, what better way to activate community than through coming together in East Austin’s historic gem, Plaza Saltillo!

As we continue to offer two live shows each Sunday, we’ll now be hosting the Music Division, aka the ATX Music Office, every first Sunday of each month! This means a wider range of music programming–from a Kids Show at 11am to local Latin bands at 1pm. Through this collaboration, together we will further connect community at Plaza Saltillo, one beautiful Sunday at a time. Come on out this weekend and catch the first of the new series!

ATX Music Office presents: HOPE FM Live! First Sunday

 Groundwork Music Orchestra at 11am, Mariachi Relampago at 1pm

Plaza Saltillo, East 5th & Comal

Sunday, June 2



A New Orleans Sunday Revival: Recap

Hailing from the humid, soulful home of New Orleans, Tuba Skinny made their way to the stage at Plaza Saltillo last Sunday. Performing a line of shows during their short stop in Austin, they happily munched on the bounty of the HOPE Farmers Market–included tamales from The Gardener’s Feast, Hibiscus mint tea from Nile Valley, and an entire CSA box from Johnson’s Backyard Garden.

The moment they begun to strum that washboard & pick that banjo, market goers stopped and turned. It’s not every day we get to enjoy the old ragtime jazz & blues around our neck of the woods. However, the tunes that arose from these traditional brass instruments sure helped me, and I hope many of our market goers, remember the simplicity of enjoyment. Whether it’s live music humming in your ear or the rebirth of the tomato season in Texas–let us enjoy it all while it’s in front of us.

We’re looking forward to more enjoyment next Sunday with our terrific lineup, brought to you by the ATX Music Office. Details on this exciting new collaboration will be our blog Thursday!

–Jessie, HOPE FM Live