Sound of The State

Mike. Thomas. Caroline. Kevin. And, The State.

Combining forces with an upright bass, viola, fiddle, guitar and a pair of vocals, The State, proves to know how and when to chime in with their instruments. Try listening to their title song, Brooklyn Boy, and you’ll agree in their ability to not only harmonize their upbeat vocals but also pair them with a lovely little melody.

But to get a feel for what this crew of four is really about, we wanted to share with you the song that caught our attention and might catch yours too: Soil and Soul.

 “I think I’m done with all that Rock N Roll…I wanna sing out to the open blue sky and a prairie up on a vacant green hill, I wanna be vocalizing about the soil and soul. You don’t get that in the city, all that back beat and gritty. I wanna be hearing about the soil and the soul…Goodbye Rock N Roll and hello to the soil and the soul.” 

Always trying to balance our own love for the city we call Austin and the wide open spaces we call Hill Country, we find this song gratifying. It calmly expresses our yearning to bring the simplicity of the soil, back into the city limits.

We try to do this each Sunday at the HOPE Farmers Market and are happy to host folks who are trying to do the same. Catch The State THIS Sunday for their first time at Plaza Saltillo!

The State for HOPE FM Live

1 pm at Plaza Saltillo

Sunday, April 14