PopUP Farm Stand: Design Competition

One of the things we love most at HOPE Farmers Market is the opportunity to collaborate with local architects. This connection is part of what sets us apart from many other markets – as we’re constantly designing a better way for people to interact with each other, local farmers, artisans, musicians and artists. Every year, we work with the UT School of Architecture and other organizations to encourage accessible design on a community level.

One of the ever-evolving projects is our dream of a PopUP Farm Stand – a way to mobilize the HOPE Farmers Market, taking a piece of it out into the community. We teamed up with the UT Professor Steve Ross’s AREA-ER class this past spring, led by Wilson Hack, a graduate student from the School of Architecture. The students designed and built the initial prototype of this concept – a bicycle-powered farm cart – all with no budget and lots of sweat & time! The result is fantastic:


For Phase II of this process, we collaborated with AIA Design Voice to organize an open design charrette at the Market to get more community members involved. Teams of designers and engineers donated their Sunday afternoon to develop unique concepts for a bicycle powered PopUP Farm Stand, according to the following guidelines:


Designers were invited to explore the market, talking to vendors and bike experts from Bike Austin and the East Side Compost Pedallers. Then they retreated to their drawing boards – hand-sketching, diagramming and model-making (using everything from pipe cleaners to high-tech computer programs). After hours of intense designing and brainstorming, the teams came up with 4 concepts – each completely unique and compelling for different reasons.


Finally, everyone put down their pens and pinned up the results: presenting their ideas to the group and receiving feedback and suggestions from a “jury” consisting of an architect, a bike enthusiast and a HOPE vendor.


At the end of the day, everyone went home with two weeks to develop their designs and ideas and to put together a presentation board for printing. The boards will be displayed in the HOPE Gallery throughout E.A.S.T and into December, when the HOPE FM staff will narrow it down and focus on one winning design.

Come by this Sunday to see how the designs developed and VOTE for your favorite one! Then stay tuned for updates about this project… scheduled to be designed, built and implemented in 2013!

Special thanks to:
Catherine French, Ellen Hunt, Beau Frail & James Foster of the AIA Design Voice

Steve Ross, Wilson Hack, Tejas Kulkarni, Stephanie Dona, Adam O’Sullivan & Kathryn Zeringue of AREA-ER
and all of the charrette participants – who will be individually highlighted in the next post!