Who’s Who around the Market…

  • Nicole Petti

    Market Director
    Nicole is a New York native with a passion for growing and sustaining local food systems.  Back in NYC, she was the publicity manager at Union Square Greenmarket, the flagship Farmers Market.  Here in Austin, you’ll find her hanging with her dog pal, Hobo; on the search for the best pizza in Austin; or cooking up some tasty local dishes

    Contact Nicole
    for HOPE FM partnerships, becoming a vendor  & events.

  • Juli keller

    Market Manager & Market Yogi
    -info coming soon

    Contact Juli
    if you have questions about becoming a vendor at HOPE FM.

  • Valerie Ruiz

    Programs Manager

    About four years ago, I left my small cozy hometown in deep south Texas to come live in this weird ever-growing musical city that is Austin. I love the greenbelts, going to pop up, listening to live music, and all the delicious food options in ATX. It’s not normal for me to go a day without photographing my dog Connie or anything else that inspires me. I’m always seeking to gain more knowledge about community events and organizing.

    Contact Valerie
    if you have questions about hosting Chef Demos, Activities, Workshops, Playing Music on the stage or programs.



  • Elena Johnson

    Food Access and Community Outreach Coordinator 
    info coming soon

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  • Phil Yennerell

    Market Chef
    Phil can be found on any given Sunday, generously dedicating his time and knife skills to the Sample Station and
    various chef demos. He also loves pretzels from Easy Tiger (who doesn’t?) and after-market beers at the White Horse.


  • Yard to Market Co-op

  • Farm Stand ManagersThe HOPE Farm Stand supports small urban and rural growers, redistributes surplus, reduces waste, and increases access to
    healthy food in East Austin.
    Each week individuals, community gardeners and small farmers sell their surplus produce to the
    Farm Stand, giving growers the chance to earn extra income while keeping good food from going to waste. The project provides a
    meaningful link between the market and the community, connecting a diverse range of consumers and growers through the exchange of
    beautiful, high-quality produce. Interested gardeners should contact Danny for more information.

    Contact Yard-to-Market
    if you’d like to apply to sell veggies at the HOPE Farm Stand.