Who’s Who around the Market…



Jessie Curry

Development Director

With roots in the Corn Belt and an education in the Pacific Northwest, Jessie brings experience and commitment in developing creative solutions towards societal issues. After receiving degrees in design & business, she moved south to join Austin’s infamous entrepreneurial sprit and found it nested within the HOPE Farmers Market. While contributing her background of creative marketing and sustainable development, Jessie focuses her efforts on the Market’s community partnerships, business incubation and endless collaborative possibilities.

Contact Jessie for HOPE FM partnerships, programs & events.


Beckett Hills

Program Manager

Born in the bow of a canoe deep in the swamps of the Carolina’s, Beckett Hills slowly evolved from folk monster to chef and now the Market Manager at HOPE Farmers Market.With nearly 15 years of Culinary experience, there are few questions that Beckett can’t answer regarding food, farming or general survival methods.

Contact Beckett if you have questions about hosting Chef Demos, Activities, Workshops, Music or Stage Performances.

Danny Metcalfe

Farm Stand Manager

After 3 years of working on farms and ranches throughout central Texas, Danny has enough rattlesnake, wild hog and scorpion stories to last a lifetime. Gradually becoming a city slicker, he’s settled into the HOPE Farm Stand where he works with Austin’s backyard farmers to bring hyper-local produce to the HOPE Market every Sunday. Danny can usually be found anywhere there’s a tasty cheeseburger.

Contact Danny if you’d like to apply to sell veggies at the HOPE Farm Stand.


Ray Ray Mitrano

Mobile Farm Stand Manager

Ray Ray is the man behind our fantastic staff portraits, and will draw your portrait too! He also runs HOPE Play, so come get creative with him every Sunday in the northwest corner of the Plaza. rayraymitrano.com. Check it out.

Phil Yennerell

Market Chef

Phil can be found on any given Sunday, generously dedicating his time and knife skills to the Sample Station and various chef demos. He also loves pretzels from Easy Tiger (who doesn’t?) and after-market beers at the White Horse.

Matthew Olson

Market Manager

Growing up in the big city of Houston, Matthew Olson always preferred being on his great-grandmother’s land in Louisiana where he could get his hands dirty. Having to come to Austin 12 years ago, he has continued to get his hands dirty working on multiple local farms and is now the Market Manager at HOPE Farmers Market. Having the experience of growing vegetables and raising animals locally, he brings great passion and energy to the market each weekend where he gets to geek out with the vendors about their awesome products.

Contact Matthew if you have questions about becoming a vendor at HOPE FM.

Anne Flusche

Market Director 

Anne’s childhood training as a dumpster diver taught her to see the value and beauty in just about every single thing. Her proper education led her to explore fields such as architectural design, planning, graphics, and festival management, and it seems that the HOPE Farmer’s Market is a perfect fit to keep all of those skills honed to a sharp point.  Anne’s favorite part of working with the HOPE Farmer’s Market is helping to promote small businesses and local foods.

Contact Anne for HOPE FM partnerships, programs & events.