Austin Clothes Exchange: Sunday, Nov 4

The first Sunday of every month HOPE Farmers Market hosts the Austin Clothes Exchange where anybody can bring their gently used clothes to swap! A great opportunity to clean out your closet, pick up something new-to-you and make some friends at the same time! Come join the clothes exchange in the HOPE Gallery at the East end of the Market starting at noon.

From The Austin Clothes Exchange’s meet up page:

The Austin Clothes Exchange is Austin’s first clothes swap meetup group. It will be a great way to save money, help the environment and get to meet new friends. The meetup group will meet up once a month. … The clothes must be in either mint or good condition. We will exchange clothes that may have become to big ,small or we just want to try something new! The same thing goes for shoes and any other items.

HOPE Farm Stand

This Sunday! The HOPE Farm Stand will be selling fresh grown radishes from the HOPE Community Farm – right in our backyard!

The HOPE Farm Stand is a project of HOPE Farmers Market that captures surplus produce from backyard and community gardeners in East and Central Austin and aggregates it for sale at our Sunday market. Now in full swing, this project gives individuals and organizations that grow food a chance to earn some extra income while keeping good local food from going to waste. Furthermore, the Farm Stand provides a meaningful link between the market and the community it is rooted within, as well as new connections between a diverse range of community consumers and growers centered around beautiful, high-quality produce grown right here in Austin.

Individuals, community gardens and small urban & rural farms can bring crates overflowing with bumper crops or small baskets of a few garden veggies to our Farm Stand on Sunday mornings. Funds raised by the project go directly towards supporting HOPE Farmers’ Market’s all-new SNAP/EBT Acceptance Program! Interested gardeners should Contact Heather for more information and a short application.

Compost By Bike

Finally, we found a better way to make the best of our market compost! HOPEFM is teaming up with the East Side Compost Pedallers, who collect compost at the Market and deliver it directly to East Austin farms this fall (including the HOPE Community Farm!). Market-goers are invited to stop by the Pedallers’ station to learn more about this great program.

More about East Side Compost Pedallers
“The Pedallers offer an intensely local, completely bike-powered compost collection program dedicated to enriching the Austin community. We collect compostables from homes & businesses and give them directly to urban farmers to help grow more local food.

The Compost Pedallers offer an authentically sustainable and delightfully original compost recycling program. Sure, we’re here to help you save your compostables from ending up in the landfill, but we refuse to stop there. All of the organic material our pedallers collect goes straight to the closest urban farm or gardening project to be composted so that they can be used to grow more healthy, local food. Then, we complete the natural cycle by taking that food right back to the comunity– delivering it to farmers’ markets, to restaurants, and even directly to your front porch!”

Goat Picadillo Cooking Demo

Chef Hector Octavio (@mexicanity) stopped by the HOPE Sample Booth this past Sunday to serve up a quick, healthy, and delicious dish: goat picadillo. If you caught the demo but didn’t get the details… here’s the HOPEFM shopping list:

1 lb ground goat meat
1 medium sweet potato, cubed
1 medium onion, half sliced, half hole
4 cloves of garlic, 2 minced, 2 whole
2 medium tomatoes
2 serrano peppers, 1 minced, 1 whole
1 bunch cilantro
10 Napa cabbage leaves

+2 tbsp honey, 4 tbsp vinegar or lemon juice, olive oil, 1 tbsp coriander, and s&p to taste

We’ll post the entire recipe here, so check back later today!

When you shop, be sure to talk to Ty of Windy Hill Farm about goat as a tasty, healthy and sustainable meat in central Texas!

Son Armado Takes the Stage!

We had a blast last Sunday with Son Armado on the HOPEFM Live stage!

Son Armado is a grassroots Son Jarocho group in Austin working with the community while supporting local struggles for justice and the worldwide movimiento Jaranero.

What exactly is Son Jarocho?
Son Jarocho, a tradition from the coastal state of Veracruz, Mexico, is the melding of African, Spanish & Indigenous cultures during the process of colonization and the practice of slavery in the Americas. During this time, Son Jarocho emerged as a form of survival & a resistance to colonial control. Son Jarocho is a popular education-based art form centered around community gatherings & celebrations known as Fandangos. The Fandango involves music, dancing, & poetry in the context of a communally created and shared space, with the tarima (a wooden dance platform) as the gathering point.

Not only do these guys sound fantastic, they have great energy and lots of fun dancing on the tarima! We’re excited to see them back at the market soon…