Meet a vendor!

This is the first in a series of blogs introducing the people behind the great food, music and art at HOPE Farmers Market!

Ty Wolosin of Windy Hill Farms

How long have you been at HOPE FM?

A little over 2 years

What do you bring to the market?

Goat Meat, Sheep, Beef, Vegetables, Eggs, Canned Goods

How did you decide to join HOPE Farmers Market?

A friend from Comanche was friends with Andi Scull Cheatham, one of the founders of the HOPE campaign.

What is your favorite thing about Sundays at HOPE?

The community of vendors and the laid back atmosphere.

Got any secret hobbies we should know about?

Love watching soccer and used to play a lot until my knees gave out.

Any favorite HOPE FM stories to share?

When Phil was giving samples of my fermented hot pepper escabeche out, watching people’s reactions to how hot was, was not nearly as much fun as watching Phil’s reaction.

Ty also has a wealth of knowledge on beer brewing and heirloom garlic varieties. Check back in a few months and he will have 6 types of garlic to choose from!