Griffin School for HOPE FM Live!

Just as many of us think of a farmers market as just local produce, a majority of us tend to associate high school with required classes, weekly homework and maybe even a social food-chain. But not all of us follow the mold and neither does the Griffin School.

As a college preparatory high school that has a focus on creativity, they’re providing students the opportunity to get a solid education while balancing the freedom of students to direct their own curriculum based on their passions. From Film Production to Fashion Design, Metal Craft to Digital Illustration, Drama to Music Ensemble, they’re not only encouraging young students to follow their own interest, but are giving them the tools to do so.

So what does the HOPE Farmers Market have to do with the Griffin School you ask?
Well, we too believe in encouraging people to do what they love and with excitement. Whether you’re an eighty-five year-old percussionist, or a twelve year-old jewelry maker, pursuing that passion and sharing it with your community is what we believe is important. Thus! We’re happy to host two young bands this Sunday whose students attend, practice & hone in on their music skills at the Griffin School. One of these groups who are composed of a brother, a sister & a friend, go by Charlie Belle have already gotten a handful of experiences under their belts by playing at Austin City Limits Music Festival and SXSW.

Come to the Plaza Saltillo stage this Sunday to see Jenjayi, Gyasi and Zoe as they show us all what they can do!

Griffin School for HOPE FM Live

1 pm at Plaza Saltillo

Sunday, March 31