First Annual HOPE ECO Fair

Here at the HOPE Farmer’s Market, we value our local community.  We think it is important for Austin to stay clean and green while having fun!   At our market we practice eco-conscious efforts such as; providing a platform for local and sustainable business endeavors, reducing waste, advocating for bike riders, and hosting events like our first annual HOPE ECO Fair!

The idea of the ECO Fair came about during an event meeting. The team was discussing ways to promote sustainable businesses in town while encouraging our community to get involved with “greening” Austin.  Greening practices around town include Permablitx ATX/ Earth Repair Corp implementing food forests at Festival Beach among dozens of other places.

Photo: Festival Beach Food Forest Facebook Page

The practices include the most environmentally car repair shop in the world, Green Earth Automotive. They also range from personal rain harvesting implementations to local guides to green events to alternative education models!


Photo Credit: VARU Photography

Here in Austin, we have a wide range of opportunities that support sustainability.  We wanted to use our farmer’s market as a way to facilitate the dialogue between the community and these great organizations. We decided to invite “eco-conscious” organizations to set up informational booths and educational lectures on stage.

Photo Credit: VARU Photography 

We had a great turnout of organizations that were involved with the ECO Fair on December 13th.  The organizations included Myco AllianceAustin ECOnetworkAustin Permaculture GuildEarth Repair CorpWhole Life Learning CenterGreen Earth AutomotiveHarvested Rain Solutions, and Permablitz ATX.

Photo Credit: VARU Photography

We were very pleased to host these organizations that are making such large strides to keep Austin green.

At the fair the lectures were on the topics of; myco-remediation, the use of fungi to remediate chemical ridden areas (oil spills, landfills, etc.), an alternative education model for all ages encouraging people to learn about ecology and permaculture on a personal level (Whole Life Learning Center), a center that is being created for research and implementation of permaculture solutions  (Earth Repair Corp), and ECO networks that work hard to engage the community in green events here in Austin (Austin Permaculture Guild and Austin ECOnetwork).


Photo Credit: VARU Photography

On top of a day or information we had musicians, Madeline (from the Ramblers) and Michael Garfield, and we made seed balls in the HOPE Kids Tent!

Photo Credit: VARU Photography

The HOPE ECO Fair was so successful that we can’t wait to have the next one in the spring!