Chaos Card Company!

Where Art and Clothes Collide

If you’re looking for a badass shirt, this is your place! Founders Don and Leann Rock have the badass life that reflects in their work. Don – an artist, avid music lover, and highly skilled printer – started the company over 25 years ago as a punk-rock t-shirt venture. (Would you expect anything less from someone with the last name “Rock”?) After touring here with a band, Don fell in love with Austin (as they always do), so Don and Leann left NYC 22 years ago and have made Austin their home base ever since. Their family and business have grown up alongside East Austin. They had a printing studio here long before the HOPE Farmers Market even existed. Today, Don and Leann continue to do lots of traveling, particularly during music festival season, but they love to come back to Austin music and Austin markets.


All Chaos Clothing products are 100% individually hand printed. Every shirt, bag, and dress is unique to itself. In fact, the only tech involved is a photocopier. This isn’t your average off-the-Taiwanese-press t-shirt. Each shirt is a culmination of creativity, heart, and dedicated time. Further, all the art is original to the Rocks (that name never gets old), so you can’t find their designs anywhere else. Occasionally, Chaos teams up with local recycling initiatives and other designers to create badass “cycled up” jeans and flannels. Be on the lookout for that in the fall!


The coolest thing about this company is their dedication to supporting local and ethical business practices. Also, Leann is passionate about was the community of the markets. Not only how the community enriches her own personal life, but how she hopes to spread the “market mentality” to more people each week. Living in a community of people who appreciate local, ethical, and sustainable products is something Austinites shouldn’t take for granted!


So, in sum: cool people, cool products. If you want to keep up to date on where and when the Chaos Clothing Company will be each week, visit their Facebook page! Or just come see them each week from 11:00 – 3:00 at the HOPE Farmers Market on Sundays!




I’m Brooke, the author of the blog you’ve just read. Working with the HOPE Farmer’s Market has been so great, but unfortunately I will have to leave HOPE to finish my last semester at Baylor University this fall. I will graduate with a major in political science and a minor in poverty studies and social justice. When I’m not blogging, my days are full of studying for the GRE and applications. I know I’m super exciting this summer, right? Every blog I’ll let you know something a bit more interesting about myself and this week’s fact is:

I once swam with sharks… the nice kind though.