It’s a Merry Market, Ho Ho Hope!

There’s so many markets to choose from in Austin, but I keep coming back to this one. The vibe is relaxing and welcoming. As soon as I arrive, I know I’ll be having some great coffee, whether it is cold brew or fresh and hot. Usually I’ll stroll around before deciding whether I’m in the mood for lunch or just a pastry (sometimes it’s both). Once I’ve got some food in my belly, I can peruse the produce and other vendors while taking in the live music.

I feel lucky to live near this awesome market. Coffee, food, friendly beautiful eclectic people and so much more all in one place. Hope Farmers Market was recently named one of the best markets, and I am not the least bit surprised.

Whether you’re looking to socialize stock up on supplies for the week or trying to find that unique gift, the Hope Farmers Market is always there for you on Sunday.

About Valerie: 

About four years ago, I left my small cozy hometown in deep south Texas to come live in this weird ever-growing musical city that is Austin. I love the greenbelts, playing bocce at any park, and all the delicious food options. It’s not normal for me to go a day without photographing my dog Connie or anything else that inspires me. I’m always seeking to gain more knowledge about community events and organizing while photographing as many intriguing people in Austin as I can.

See all of Valerie’s photographs below! 

What is community? Is it helping your neighbor? Supporting your local farmer? Buying an album from your favorite local band? Or is just a fuzzy feeling?

At the HOPE Farmers Market, we believe community is the intersection of all these things. From food to music to art, from families to youngsters, from Mariachi to Folk-Indie, from farmers to bakers, from East Austin to West Austin, community has no limits.

With no limits, this means there is always room to grow. Forging new collaborations, new friends and new ideas around every corner, it’s clear Austin is the perfect place to watch these new roots grow. We’ve been thankful to see so many of these unique intersections at the HOPE Farmers Market, and it happens each Sunday! When Johnson’s Backyard Garden donates seasonal produce to Whiskey Shivers, or to The Blackwells, or to any of our loyal bands who play for the HOPE FM Live music series, we see magic happen. We watch band members divide up their produce “compensation”, and they begin to interact in ways they never have before: revealing their preferences on beets vs. eggplant, fighting over who gets the watermelon, or admitting aloud they’ve never seen an armenian cucumber. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

If we at the HOPE Farmers Market can provide the opportunity to help plant these seeds each week, then we’ll all be happy campers for generations to come. However, we can’t do it alone, and that’s the beauty of community! It takes a village, and with each single effort, we are all strengthened. So let’s continue this community together, every Sunday on the corner of East 5th & Comal.


Video by the talented Blair Bogin.

Just a few weeks before the big move to Plaza Saltillo, we’re celebrating HOPE FM at Pine Street Station. What a great way to share and enjoy this beautiful February weather!


Thank you Jessica Warren for another great set of photos from the Market this week! To see more photos from this day at HOPE FM, check out our Facebook album >>