A New Orleans Sunday Revival: Recap

Hailing from the humid, soulful home of New Orleans, Tuba Skinny made their way to the stage at Plaza Saltillo last Sunday. Performing a line of shows during their short stop in Austin, they happily munched on the bounty of the HOPE Farmers Market–included tamales from The Gardener’s Feast, Hibiscus mint tea from Nile Valley, and an entire CSA box from Johnson’s Backyard Garden.

The moment they begun to strum that washboard & pick that banjo, market goers stopped and turned. It’s not every day we get to enjoy the old ragtime jazz & blues around our neck of the woods. However, the tunes that arose from these traditional brass instruments sure helped me, and I hope many of our market goers, remember the simplicity of enjoyment. Whether it’s live music humming in your ear or the rebirth of the tomato season in Texas–let us enjoy it all while it’s in front of us.

We’re looking forward to more enjoyment next Sunday with our terrific lineup, brought to you by the ATX Music Office. Details on this exciting new collaboration will be our blog Thursday!

–Jessie, HOPE FM Live